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Workflow Solutions: Perfectly Flowing Process Sequences

Complex modern production processes, as they are on the agenda in the web processing industries, integrate the most varied components in a technically demanding process. Here, it is particularly important to minimize disruptive factors and establish a workflow that is effective because it is smooth. A continuous workflow that best takes advantage of the connected machines is essential for working efficiently. With sophisticated software solutions, BST  creates the basis for processes and various departments to effectively cooperate on the machines –

  • for fast and smooth processes,
  • higher efficiency, and
  • perfect results.


Smooth Processes, Perfect Results

BST workflow software connects various components with each other to function at their best and is perfectly adjusted to the demands of the print, label, and processing industries. The software facilitates the reliable evaluation and correction of any occurring defects and offers solutions for data import and export, from pre-press to further processing.


All BST workflow solutions are characterized by a logical overall concept which can be flexibly adjusted for various production processes. Therefore, in addition to the actual printing process, the solutions support even more complex process sequences with multiple finishing steps. This increases your process reliability and, correspondingly, ensures perfect print results.


Quality Assurance in the Entire Workflow

BST workflow software provides support for your workflow management – from the display to the evaluation and processing of job logs. Your rewinder is controlled on the basis of the error log, so that it moves at highest possible speed and only stops where defects should be corrected. Your benefit: reliable management of print quality and minimized waste. With an efficiently designed workflow, defects are reliably detected, the finishing process is continuously monitored, and customer satisfaction is sustainably increased.