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Customized Training Courses, Focus on Applications

Even the best machines and systems can only reach their full potential if their operators can confidently master using them at an optimal level. Intuitive operating procedures, clear displays, and consistent control concepts ensure that BST systems are particularly easy to operate and give efficient results.

Choose BST and benefit from a range of training courses that leave no question unanswered. We bring you up to the latest standards with customized and application-specific training courses, which can be carried out flexibly, either on-site at your company or at the BST Training Center.

Training Courses at Your Company

Right where the production takes place: Our trainers and instructors with hands-on experience can visit you on-site at your company at a time that suits you. With training course content agreed in advance, our experts focus specifically on your applications. So the focus is always on obtaining the maximum benefit for your value chain.

Training Courses at the BST Training Center

We are committed to helping you, not just at your site, but also at the BST Training Center in Bielefeld. Here we can provide you with customized training courses that is perfectly adapted to your requirements and therefore optimally increases the participants’ prior knowledge. We carry out the training courses on real BST systems and the latest simulation devices with a maximum focus on application.

BST Training Courses at a Glance

  • Application and operator training courses
  • Training courses for maintenance and service staff
  • Pre-training: training before start-up to get to know the relevant system, including practical, hands-on tests on simulators
  • After start-up: training to clarify any issues or questions and consolidate optimum operation of the system

BST Training Courses: Your Benefits

  • Quick, safe, and targeted operation of BST systems
  • Full use of the system’s potential – for optimized product quality
  • Minimized waste, maximized time- and cost-efficiency