Performance | BST eltromat International

The Best Support from Our Services

BST supports suppliers from the printing, paper, film, foil, and rubber industries, and from other web converting industries with services that are 100% reliable. BST offers an extensive range of products, and our services are equally comprehensive – including system assembly, start-up and operator training courses, maintenance, remote access, troubleshooting, supply of replacement parts, and repair services.

Adapted to Your Production

We always customize our systems specifically to your production conditions. Our product portfolio allows you to combine web guiding, color measurement, surface inspection, web monitoring, register control, process automation, 100% inspection, layer thickness measurement, and basis weight measurement.

Expert Consulting from the Start

Our solutions are created in close dialog with you – as early as the project planning and conception phase, if needed. We think ahead and take you one step further, with concepts that identify your requirements and keep them in focus.

Global Presence

We always support you with commitment and expertise – practically all over the world. You can find BST service locations in 15 countries on six continents. More than 80 engineers work for us in the field across the globe. So our specialist workers can get to you on site when you need them. For this purpose, you can call upon an extensive global production and sales network – for first-class performance at every operating site.

Good to know: As a service provider, we believe that the job is done when our systems have been integrated into your production process with maximum benefit. And you can always reach us at a later date, if needed.