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Web Monitoring: Professional Quality Control for Your Printing Process

In recent years, the demands for efficiency in print production have steadily increased. At the same time, production speeds have significantly increased. Print jobs are becoming increasingly shorter. The delivered quality of the end product remains the crucial factor.


The result: Changeover time and material use must be effectively reduced and waste avoided. In addition, print manufacturers need effective support and first-class technology for results that are not just good, but perfect, down to the last detail.


Automation of Monitoring: Production results must be constantly inspected, even during their development. Typical web speeds today require the implementation of automatic monitoring systems. BST web monitoring systems examine your print easily, quickly, and efficiently, even at the highest web speeds. In the process, web inspection systems work with matrix cameras, strobe a certain area of the running web, and display the resulting image on the monitor. Your benefit: less expenditure of time and money, higher production quotas, and flawless results at all times.

BST Web Monitoring: Your Benefits

  • The latest generation of digital camera technology
  • Timeless module construction – with systems that grow with your needs
  • Comprehensive features, even in the standard version
  • Numerous monitoring and settings options
  • Quick installation and convenient use
  • Simple user interface with multilingual on-screen displays and intuitively designed symbols

POWERScope 5000

High-performance video technology for flawless print products. POWERScope 5000 is a web monitoring system that is as powerful as it is efficient, specially developed for label printing and other narrow web applications. Even when monitoring wider webs, the system will impress you with its reliable results.


Quality control with the SUPER factor. The PC-based SUPER HANDYScan 4100 system wins you over with its space-saving one-monitor concept, extremely clear images, and extensive equipment options.


With iPQ-View, BST offers you a powerful tool for digital web monitoring in the printing process. The user is able to make sound decisions on optical quality assurance on the basis of print image displays in first-class image quality.