CLS Pro 600 | BST eltromat International

Digital Sensors from BST: CLS Pro 600

BST offers various digital sensors that scan the web touch-free by registering contrasts in light.


The BST CLS Pro 600 sensor stands out through its high precision when scanning print lines, print edges, or web edges with color sensors.

CLS Pro 600 at a Glance

  • Precise scanning of lines, print edges, or web edges using color sensors
  • Optimal lighting conditions by automatically regulated LED lighting
  • Extreme reliability, even at the highest web speeds
  • Clear presentation on the color display
  • Minimization of downtime through simple operation and an intuitive user interface
  • Positioning help via laser projection
  • Realistic depiction of the print line, print edge, or web edge on the color display
  • Removable control panel for ease of operation, even in scanning positions that are difficult to access
  • Possibility for remote operation of the basic control functions
  • Convenient selection of the print line, print edge, or web edge, because contrast transitions are indicated with colors
  • Areas of application: control of contrast edges, web edges, or printed lines
  • Automatic job and setup saving to minimize makeready times
  • Automatic positioning together with FVG Pos 100 and ekr 500 Digital Unit touch