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Object recognition with CLS CAM 100 - State of the Art Guiding

The all-new camera-based BST sensor CLS CAM 100 allows control directly according to objects and motifs on the web. Scanning of print lines and print edges is of course also possible. The intuitive, simple user guidance via the supplied 7-inch multi-touch operating panel is worthy of particular mention. 

CLS CAM 100 at a Glance

  • Precise scanning of objects and motifs, lines, print edges, or web edges using color sensors
  • Optimal lighting conditions by automatically regulated LED lighting with 500 fps
  • Object recognition, even at the highest web speeds up to 1,200 m/min
  • no additional trigger / no additional trigger signal required
  • Intuititve user guidance on external 7 inch multi-touch control panel
  • additional operation via color display directly on the sensor head
  • Minimization of downtime through simple operation and an intuitive user interface
  • Positioning help via laser projection
  • comfortable selection of guiding criteria by intuitive swipe gestures
  • Areas of application: control of contrast edges, web edges, or printed lines
  • Automatic job and setup saving to minimize makeready times

CLS CAM 100 - Product video

Great performance and easy operation. That's what we call State of the Art Guiding. Jan Jostmeier, one of our developement engineers of the CLS CAM 100 presents the features in our product video.

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