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SmartGuide.WF: Precise Winding Through Exact Position Control

The SmartGuide.WF is frequently used in converting applications. The regulated winding and unwinding ensures the precise comparison between shifts in the web position and effectively minimizes the potential for defects. Tried and tested BST system components and a range of options provide solutions that are optimal for customers, at a reasonable price. For example, line and contrast control is optionally available with the BST CLS Pro 600.

The SmartGuide.WF’s modular construction facilitates subsequent, cost-effective changes at any time. The predefinition of characteristics simplifies technical clarification processes and increases transparency.

If needed, the SmartGuide.DF can also be outfitted with AccuWeb components.

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SmartGuide.WF System Equipment:

  • All standard edge sensors implementable (optical or ultrasonic)
  • Regulation by web edge
  • Manual sensor adjustment
  • Remote control via digital inputs (digital I/O)

SmartGuide.WF Options:

  • Line and contrast guiding with CLS Pro 600
  • Regulation by web edge and web center-line (two edge sensors)
  • Manual fine adjustment for one or both edge sensors
  • Remote operation by additional commander
  • Motor-driven sensor adjustment with automatic edge seeking and pre-positioning for edges and/or web center-line guiding with a set or variable web center (automatic edge search not possible with CLS Pro 600)
  • Basic: Bus systems: CAN, Ethernet UDP
  • Advanced:Bus systems: CAN, Profibus DP, DeviceNet, or Profinet
  • Remote operation configurable via digital inputs/outputs