Guiding Devices: Precise Web Guiding Corrections for Every Use

BST eltromat guiding devices correct the position of the web precisely and almost instantaneously. In doing so, they play a central role in the smooth functioning of web guiding processes. If the actual position measured by the controller deviates from its target position, the guiding device, moved by the actuator, corrects the position until the target position is reached again.

Our guiding devices are deliverable in various sizes and types for almost all web widths and areas of application. A number of roller designs and coatings are available for various types of material.

Our solutions result from detailed discussions with you. Already in the planning and development phases, we are at your side to provide knowledgeable support in all decisions. Your benefit: tailor-made systems whose performance you can rely on every time you use them. Contact us!

BST eltromat Web Guiding: Your Benefits

  • Reliable web guiding
  • Implementable in the most diverse production processes
  • Suitable for a wide range of materials
  • Effective in minimizing waste and downtimes
  • Individual design



BST eltromat EcoGuide is ideal for the web guiding of narrow webs. The packaging and nonwoven industries are two of its most common areas of application.


The compact web guiding CompactGuide is highly suitable to use in narrow webs, such as in the label, packaging, and nonwoven industries. With six different sizes, the CompactGuide is optimally adjusted to its requirements.


The SmartGuide.DF’s main areas of implementation are the printing and extrusion branches. Through its modular construction, customer-specific solutions can be carried out particularly efficiently. The SmartGuide.DF is usable for all installation positions and wire threading.


The SmartGuide.WF is frequently used in converting applications. Its regulated winding and unwinding precisely balances the shifts in the web position and effectively minimizes the potential for defects. The SmartGuide.WF’s modular construction facilitates subsequent, cost-effective changes at any time.


Special Applications

Individual applications for web guiding. BST eltromat International offers powerful register control systems for every degree of processing. The best arrangement of the production line depends on the degree of processing of the web.