ekrPro Com60 (ADVANCED) | BST eltromat International

ADVANCED Controller: ekrPro Com60 – Maximum Ease of Operation

The BST ekrPro Com60 controller stands out with its easy installation and clear controls.

After the connected components (sensors, actuators, etc.) are selected in the set-up menu, a largely automatic adjustment of all relevant control parameters takes place.

Only the control functions (automatic, manual, or center position) and the scanning modes (control on the left or right web edge, or web center-line guiding) are to be selected by the user.

ekrPro Com60: Your Benefits

  • Flexible configuration
  • Stepper motor power motoric sensor adjustment, including automatic edge seeking
  • Configurable digital outputs
  • Optional configuration with a fieldbus module for
    • secure and fast data transmission
    • connection to various bus systems via the BST interface module (external networking)
    • easy connection to superordinate systems (SPS or PC) via corresponding gateways (CAN, Profibus DP, DeviceNet, or Profinet)
  • Control output for the control of hydraulic power modules