ekr CON 600 net (ADVANCED) | BST eltromat International

ADVANCED Controller: ekr CON 600 net – Maximum Ease of Operation

The functional scope of this new BST control unit is designed for the extended tasks of web guiding.

The ekr CON 600 net is extremely user-friendly and requires little effort for setup and operation. The compact design of the control unit and the removable control panel with a touch control and input field allow comfortable handling even when installed in places that are difficult to access. 

All relevant data such as the web position, sensor coverage and position of the actuator are graphically displayed on the clear LC touch display

Integrated fieldbus modules (CAN, Profibus DP, Profinet or Ethernet UDP) allow the ekr CON 600 net to be easily integrated into your machine control system.  

Operation and Networking

The control panel of the ekr CON 600 net can be installed separately from the controller. It allows universal handling, saves lines and enables easy wiring. The service interface works by means of a USB connection. The integrated fieldbus modules additionally allow remote control via your machine PLC.

ekr CON 600 net: Your Benefits

  • fast setup (plug & play)
  • easy replacement 
  • easy handling 
  • service via USB
  • color LC touch display
  • CAN hub technology
  • additional commander for second operating point (optional)
  • Remote control via digital inputs
  • Configurable digital outputs
  • connection possibility for motorized sensor adjustment type FVG POS 100
  • web width measurement
  • oscillation
  • integrated field bus modules (CAN, Profibus DP, Profinet or Ethernet UDP)