ekr CON 100 (ECO) | BST eltromat International

ECO Controllers: ekr CON 100 – Ease of Operation for Reliable Results

The ekr CON 100 excels through its user-friendliness and precise functioning. As a controller for all basic web guiding applications, this system is versatile in its use and fulfills all required functions with the utmost reliability.


The start-up procedure takes place quickly and easily via the plug and play function. Through the use of plug connectors, exchange processes can easily be implemented at any time.


Digital edge sensors are effortlessly integrated into the system. Its first-class cost effectiveness makes the ekr CON 100 an attractive solution for all popular web guiding applications.

ekr CON 100: Your Benefits

  • Fast start-up (plug and play)
  • Easy interchangeability
  • Easy handling
  • Service via USB
  • Remote operation via digital inputs