ekr 500 digital Unit Touch (Basic) | BST eltromat International

BASIC Controller: ekr 500 digital unit touch – Compact, Simple, Clear

The functional scope of this reliable and afordable controller is specifically aligned to classic web guiding applications and advanced with the new version unit touch.

The ekr 500 digital unit touch impresses customers with its exceptional user-friendliness and easy installation and use. The compact design of the controller and the removable control panel allow for convenient operation, even for installation in small spaces.

The clear LC touch display depicts all relevant data, like the web position, sensor covers, and the position of the actuators.

Operation and Networking

The ekr 500 digital unit touch's controller can be mounted away from the control device. It allows for universal handling, saves power, and is easy to wire. A galvanically isolated CAN bus is used for networking with other BST controllers or a machine control by costumers. Communication with your machine SPS is also possible via the optional C2E coupler. The service interface functions via a USB connector.

ekr 500 digital unit touch: Your Benefits

  • Fast start-up (plug and play)
  • Easy interchangeability
  • Easy handling
  • Service via USB
  • Colored LCD touch display
  • CAN hub technology
  • Additional commander for second kaypad (optional)
  • Remote operation via digital inputs
  • Digital outputs
  • Connection for motorized sensor adjustment type FVG POS 100
  • Oscillation