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Controllers: State-of-the-Art Technology, Precise Web Guiding

Modern production machines for the processing and finishing of web-type materials work at the highest speeds – and always have to deliver reliable, defect-free results.

Through a target-performance comparison, BST controllers ensure that the material being processed is exactly at its intended position.

The compact design of all BST controllers facilitates the direct attachment to or in your guiding device or machine. With a number of components that can be connected, the devices can be optimally adapted to their respective tasks in every case.

All controllers have connections for various sensors (ultrasonic, optical, line, and contrast sensors, and line cameras) and actuators of various levels of power (with and without positional feedback).


ECO: ekr CON 100

Ease of operation for reliable results: the ekr CON 100 excels through its user-friendliness and precise functioning. The system is versatile as a controller for all web guiding applications.

BASIC: ekr 600

Compact, simple, clear: This new BST controller is designed for the classic tasks of web guiding. The ekr CON 600 impresses with its outstanding user-friendliness, low effort for setup and operation, and compact design. The new ekr CON 600 replaces the ekr 500 Digital Unit Touch. Both devices are identical in their dimensions and connections.



Advanced version with highest operating comfort: The BST controller ekr CON 600 net takes over all features of the ekr CON 600 and also provides the possibility for data exchange. Fieldbus modules for CAN, Profibus DP, Profinet or Ethernet UDP are available. The ekr CON 600 net is identical to the ekr CON 600 in its connections and dimensions.