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Web Guiding with AccuWeb


Widely recognized for its patented, fully compensated edge sensors, AccuWeb offers a variety of models and detection ranges using both ultrasonic and infrared technology. AccuWeb edge sensors are also available as Wide Array sensors with a detecting range up to 467 mm. All sensors are uniquely simple, highly durable, and easy to install.


AccuWeb’s controllers provide digital, drift-free accuracy, even in the most demanding applications. Each system is designed to be compact, easy to install, and easy to operate. All meet CE, UL, and Ulc electrical codes.


AccuWeb’s actuators are available in various sizes and velocities. Choose from a full range of electro-mechanical linear actuators for loads up to 50,000 kg (100,000 lbs). AccuWeb actuators ensure low backlash and are characterized by maintenance-free, long-term operation.

Guiding Devices

AccuWeb offers a complete line of web guide assemblies, including positive displacement guides, steering rolls, and unwind/rewind components. Web guides are designed for any installation position – whether vertical, horizontal, or inverted.

Of course, AccuWeb can also engineer a custom solution for your specific application.

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