Web Width Measuring with Splice Offset Detection

The BST eltromat web width measuring can be used to measure material widths using the reflected light or transmitted light procedure. The material edges detected by the camera or the sensors are converted to web width values in a controller. The width values can be displayed on the device or via large displays, or transferred to a higher-level controll

Measuring Range / Working Width

One or two cameras are used, depending on the maximum material width. When using analog sensors, two sensors are used, regardless of the working width. These are mounted on sensor positioners with diverse specifications.

Splice Offset Detection

With splice offset detection, splice offsets are detected at the material edges. The number of faults determined per material edge and the time of the last fault occurring is represented on the display or transferred to a higher-level process control system. For web width measuring, the BST eltromat operating and display device ProTouch is typically used.


  • Data exchange via Ethernet; other interfaces on request
  • Hardware extension output to a large display
  • Splice offset detection
  • Different languages
  • Material thickness compensation when using defined recipe data
  • Display of the width path for the previous minute
  • Sensor positioners in the following variants: manual, symmetrically by motor, asymmetrically by motor
  • Potential-free contacts for output of width fault messages
  • Application-related programmable digital inputs and outputs, 24 VDC

System accuracy

up to 0.01 mm