Triokanter Edge Spreading System

A correct textile cord width and homogeneous cord distribution are vital prerequisites for the high quality of preliminary products in the calendering process. The Triokanter spreads textile cord apart at the edge areas. It is a controller that operates proportionally/integrally – the only features that can ensure a high-precision control result, independent of speed. The control intensity is defined by the three-fingers spreader’s mechanical skew, which can be finely adjusted.

Application Areas

Textile cord calender in tire production and hot stretching systems in textile cord production.


Data communication with web guide controller DF and double expander in the BST eltromat control system calender.

Special Features

The web must be guided straight through the three rollers. The exit path after the three-fingers spreader should be kept as short as possible to keep shrinkage of the material after the controller to a minimum. For greater material width adjustments (material change), the three-fingers spreader must be repositioned according to the new material edges.

System Accuracy

Depending on the sensor used, the achievable system precision can be less than 1 mm.