Swiveling-Sliding Roller

The Swiveling-Sliding Roller SRD is used for web edge or web center-line guiding of webs.

The material running in the machine is accurately guided by a lateral adjustment of the positioning roller to the target material position.

Special Features

A fixed roller or a conveyor belt must be provided behind the swiveling-sliding roller. The distance between the positioning roller and the next roller or the conveyor belt is typically one-third of the maximum working width, but depends on the material and the incoming defect. Since the SRD control system offers solely proportional control, it is only suitable for machines that operate intermittently. During downtime, the material is raised by the free-running roller and the positioning roller moves to the central position.

Application Areas

Tire building machines and cutters


  • Analog IR sensors
  • Digital camera CCD CAM 100 for edge scanning
  • Sensors for detecting V marks
  • Full range sensors


  • Manually-operated sensor adjustment device HFVG
  • Motorized sensor adjustment device FVG with automatic edge detection
  • Swiveling-sliding roller with alternative pneumatic cylinder attachment

System Accuracy

Depending on the sensor used, the achievable system precision can be less than 1 mm.