Double Expander

Correct width and homogeneous distribution of textile cord are vital prerequisites for the best quality of preliminary products. The spreading system meets these requirements with high accuracy and reliability. It operates in combination with downstream and upstream BST eltromat controllers for control purposes. It regulates the material width and position with two curved spreader rollers that, depending on the measured material width and material position, can be swung onto and away from the material by an actuator.

Application Areas

Textile cord calender in tire production and hot stretching systems in textile cord production.


  • Scanning with CCD camera sensor
  • Scanning with full width sensor
  • Output of material width and position
  • Can be used as a standalone system or integrated solution

Special Features

The entry path L1 – the distance between the last fixed roll in front of the spreader unit and the first spreader roller – should be approximately twice the average working width. The exit path L2 – after the last roll of the spreader system to the next processing station – should be as short as possible to prevent the material from shrinking.

System Accuracy

Depending on the sensor used, the achievable system precision can be less than 1 mm.