regi_star 20 | BST eltromat International

regi_star 20: Highest register precision. First-class quality.

Competition in the printing industryis tough and the requirements areconstantly increasing.
Precise control of the print image is the key to excellent print products.

Precision from experience.
As a leading manufacturer of quality assurance systems for the web processing industries, the BST Group has completed more than 200,000 installations in over 100 countries worldwide and can look back on more than 60 years experience in the field of register control.

The eltromat register control system regi_star 20 guarantees maximum of automation. Set-up times and waste are significantly reduced, which increases the productivity of the press.


The open system architecture enables simple and flexible machine integration. Targeted system extensions allow the regi_star 20 to meet your growing requirements at any time. The register control system is suitable for inline printing presses of all common printing processes, processing units
and insetter applications.


Excellent detection of all print marks.

Thanks to the integrated and powerful eltromat RSH register mark sensor even low-contrast print marks are detected securely. The modern touchscreen user interface offers efficient handling of the register control. The clearly structured system provides
maximum comfort to the operator.

regi_star 20: Your Benefits

  •  minimum waste
  •  fast set-up times
  •  easy handling
  •  maximum quality at highest machine speed
  • increased productivity
  • high customer satisfaction
  • reduced production costs


Brandnew: RegiChart

RegiChart - Register trend display

RegiChart visualizes the register trends of all controls clearly
over time or distance. RegiChart supports the operator during
the running production to recognize tendency deviations.
In this way waste is avoided in advance.

regi_commander: Compact Operating Panel

  • remote operation of the regi_star 20 register control system
  • direct visualization and correction of register deviations