Convincing Technology

Easy Operation. Convincing Technology.

The system properties of the AR 4400 have been perfectly adapted to printing applications with the highest requirements for quality.

Intuitive operation

  • intuitive operation and clear display for an easy, fast and comfortable register control via Full-HD-touch-screen
  • individually adaptable user interface and visualization of the resulting machine layout
  • live-color image of the registration mark field for an easy assessment of quality and position of the registration marks
  • graphical representation of register deviations for each individual measuring point
  • easy selection and simultaneous adjustment of register groups or all registers
  • fine adjustment of registers convenient by using arrow buttons or entering numeric values

Powerful technology for first-class quality:

  • AR 4400 camera unit is a combined measurement and analyzing module in a compact design
  • RGB color camera and intelligent image processing algorithms for secure and fast register mark detection even with rough material structures or poor contrast
  • Dual-Xenon flash for optimal lighting even with critical substrates and reflecting materials
  • synchronized shutter for absolute insensitivity to extraneous light
  • large camera field of view for reliable detection of registration mark field, even with dynamic web stretching processes


  • adjustable through light back strobe for safe registration mark detection of low contrast inks on transparent substrates or for front-to-back register control
  • control module for detection and analyzation of semi-rotative processes
  • sensor traverse for comfortable, lateral positioning of the camera unit
  • operator desk in a width of 800 mm

AR 4400 at a Glance:

 Clever planning:

  • one measuring head model for all register control points (web-web and web-cylinder) - one mark field for control of color, front-to-back and cut-off register
  • proven BST eltromat register micro-marks with diameters of only 0.5 mm - 2 mm; flexible arrangement of mark field in web running or lateral direction; different mark field configurations for an optimal adjustment to the particular environment
  • no additional marks with control of tool stations and additional printing units
  • front-to-back register control by web-cylinder measuring method independent of the material (transparent/opaque); optional web-web measuring process in combination with back strobe
  • web-web measuring method for additional printing units such as flexo printing units; web-cylinder measuring method for transparent varnish and tools
  • up to 12 color controllable by only one camera unit
  • up to 10 camera units for max. 24 control stations for a
  • precise register control at complex printing machines with a lot of color units and tools
  • intelligent camera unit integrates mayor system components and usually avoids the need for an additional panel
  • open system architecture for flexible machine integration