PROSolutions | BST eltromat International


With PROSolutions, BST has developed a powerful, modularly designed visualization and operating platform that enables the cross-process integration of our company's web guiding systems and sensors in a simple way.

The individual components of the web guiding systems of BST can be plugged together according to the plug & play system. This intelligent technology also forms the basis for the cross-process networking of our systems via PROSolutions. An important aspect: Thanks to the modular structure of this platform, customers can flexibly show their individual processes with it.

PROSolutions gives production managers and machine operators complete control and an overview of the integrated quality assurance systems on a flexibly adaptable user interface, for example in the form of graphic representations. The platform can be operated intuitively via a touch monitor with a high degree of comfort. The machine operators can easily switch between the various systems and applications, thus conveniently access detailed quality assurance information. The individual systems can be remotely operated, system parameters read, or settings made in a comfortable way with the help of PROSolutions.

Virtually any number of BST quality assurance systems can be networked via the innovative platform. The greater the number of integrated systems, the more machine operators benefit from the consistent, equally simple, intuitive operation of the applications across all systems. Even with complex quality assurance requirements, the PROSolutions platform provides machine operators with a level of transparency in the operation of their systems that is unique on the market - and therefore process reliability.