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TubeScan: Print Inspections Solved Intelligently

Introducing 100% print inspection that has never been as simple and cost-efficient as offered by the TubeScan product series.

From simple 100% web monitoring, detection of missing labels and matrix residues to high resolution 100% print inspection within a workflow - now you are able to realize all your needs with one modular system.

TubeScan digital strobe family at a glance:


Standard features of all models

  • 100% web monitoring during make-ready and production
  • Superb image quality dur to high camera resolution
  • Automatic repeat synchronization across the entire speed range of the machine
  • No health risk, less tiring compared to conventional monitoring using strobe lights
  • Fast and easy job setup
  • Very reliable and stable operation
  • Suitable for narrow and medium-wide applications (180mm - 850mm web width)
  • Cost-efficient and compact (outside dimensions: only 125mm in web direction)



Further options

  • 100% print inspection
  • Secondary inspection zones for individual tolerances
  • Automatic label contour detection
  • Masking function to ignore definable areas
  • Surface inspection
  • Distance monitoring with up to 8 reference points
  • Placement control for rewinders
  • Generation of PDF roll reports
  • switchable UV-illumination (wavelength 365 nm)
  • monitoring of backside printing through optimal, adjustable backlighting
  • connecting through inspection workflow QLink

TubeScan eagle view at a glance:


  • Cost-efficient combination of 100% print inspection and detail viewing, patented and unique worldwide
  • Detail viewing of critical areas like registration marks, 2d barcodes, picture areas, etc. down to dot level
  • Camera for detail viewing is motorized and can be easily navigated with respect to the displayed print repeat
  • Switchable UV illumination (365 nm)
  • No print mark sensor or gear sensor required for synchronization
  • 100% live visualising from start of machine
  • The optimal back light enables monitoring of the back print register
  • Small foot print, only requires 125mm (5") in web direction
  • Can be combined with all options available for TubeScan digital strobe

Inspection workflow QLink at a glance:


QLinkPress - on the printing press

  • Editing of the roll protocol database during printing
  • Display of the net count in real-time, taking into account the edited roll protocol of the entire job
  • Selection, editing and transfer of the roll protocols within the network
  • Temporary, local storage of the roll protocols

QLinkEditor - on the PC

  • Processing of all roll protocols on the network
  • Roll protocols can be visualized and edited for further converting



QLink Rewinder - on the rewinder

  • Processing of all roll protocols in the network
  • Camera-based synchronization and visualization esures bast workflow stability
  • Control of the rewinder
  • Skipping of future defects shown in the roll protocol 

QLink Viewer - for customers without workflow

  • enables visualization of all network-stored role protocols

For more information about the TubeScan digital strobe family, the TubeScan eagle view and the QLink inspection workflow view ourbrochure