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Tire Building Machines

A precisely positioned material entry from the unwinder, accurate web guiding from the loop, high-precision web guiding in the immediate vicinity of the drum on the ply server, and intelligent geometric control algorithms on the belt server represent the key components of the BST Group control systems developed especially for tire building machines. The base element of these control systems is the high-resolution CCD CAM 100 camera.

Winder Guiding System

The SmartGuide.WF ensures the controlled unwinding and rewinding of material and liner. A large range of proven components, such as controllers and actuators, facilitate adjustments for specific tasks.

Alternative: Guiding from Loop

The system carries out edge or center-line guiding of material webs. A lateral movement of the roller corrects the material position. The concept is especially designed for start-and-stop applications.

Laser Marker

Guided by defined recipe data, the NCA Laser 100 indicates the correct edge position of the web.

Plyserver Guiding

The plyserver guiding system provides accurate material positioning due to light sources that are specially designed to be near as possible to the drum.

Beltserver Guiding

Intelligent software solutions with high-performing mathematical procedures facilitate maximum belt guiding precision in combination with the high-performance camera CCD CAM 100 .