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Calender Lines

Intelligent and low-maintenance BST Group sensor and actuator systems reliably perform various operations: web guiding and web tension control on unwinders, roller accumulators, and heating and cooling towers; homogeneous textile cord distribution in front of the calender; thickness measurement on and after the calender; position-guided edge cutting systems; web width measuring systems; and the web guide control and web tension control on the system exit.

Swivel Roller Guide

In combination with different sensors, the SmartGuide.SF guides web or textile cord. For calender lines, BST Group recommends the BST full width sensor.

Edge Guiding System

The Triokanter ensures the accurate positioning of the textile cord edges before they are fed into the calender. The special BST Group proportional-integral guiding characteristic assures high precision, independent of the web speed.

Double Expander

Corrects the width and ensures a homogeneous distribution of textile cord for subsequent production processes. For tire calender lines, BST Group recommends the combination with the BST Group full width sensor.

Winder Guiding System

The SmartGuide.WF ensures the controlled unwinding and rewinding of material and liner. A large range of proven components, such as controllers and actuators, facilitate adjustments for specific tasks.

Web Width Measuring

This system measures the widths of material in reflecting- or transmitting-light mode. The high-performance camera CCD CAM 100 facilitates high precision.

Web Tension Measuring Systems

The BTL Load 100-500 cells control the tensions of the rubber material and the textile cord during their run through the calender line, and the web and the liner at the winder.