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Precise Quality for Extrusion

With extrusion procedures, the deciding factor in result quality and economy can come down to a fraction of a millimeter. The BST Group is your competent partner for material inspection in the extrusion process, such as in the production of plastic film, in the tire industry, in solar technology, and many other areas of application.

Our systems are individually adjusted to your production needs. Our service for you includes all project steps, from the planning to the implementation and the user training.

BST Group Extrusion: Your Benefits

  • Savings in raw materials and energy
  • Reduction of waste
  • Increase in productivity
  • Guarantee of product quality
  • Minimization of maintenance times


BST Group Solutions for Extrusion Applications

Extrusion of Blown Film

  • BST SmartGuide ensures perfect web guiding
  • For printing on film: Our web monitoring, 100% inspection, register control and spectral inline color measurement systems cover all levels of quality assurance.


Extrusion Coating and Laminating Systems


Flat Film Extrusion Processes