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iPQ-Surface: High-End Surface-Inspection for 100% quality

BST iPQ-Surface is the reliable high-end surface inspection system that fully adapts to your requirements.

With its modular design, the system always offers the best solution for your application and installation situation. The combination of networked and high-performance hardware, intuitive and stable software, as well as first-class global services, gives you time to focus on the most important thing - your production. In addition to first-class components, you benefit from over 30 years of experience in the inspection of numerous materials. Thanks to this application knowledge and our integrated solutions, defects can be avoided before they lead to quality issues. 

With iPQ-Surface you deliver 100% quality, increase your productivity and reduce your waste at the same time.

The hardware - 100% thinking ahead

Perfect results need a perfect combination of image capture and illumination. BST iPQ-Surface stand for intelligent integration of excellent and modular hardware components.

  • Cutting-edge camera technology for highest web speeds and maximum resolution (up to 300 kHz and 16,384 pixels) 
  • Innovative multiplex illumination makes every defect visible
  • Modular concept for customizable solutions even in the smallest installation footprint

The software - 100% reliable and intuitive

In addition to numerous interfaces for easy integration and technical performance, the software of the iPQ-Surface offers an excellent user-experience.

  • Perfectly designed for use in networked Industry 4.0 environments
  • Reliable AI-based defect classification 
  • Seamless documentation of quality
  • Automatic setup and intuitive operation
  • Everything important in view at all times thanks to individually adaptable interfaces
  • Clear display of all measurement results and error locations

iPQ-Surface - Your benefits:

  • maximum quality
  • minimum waste
  • reduced production costs
  • fast set-up times
  • easy and intuitive handling
  • increased productivity
  • documented quality reports

iPQ-Surface - Product video

High performance, a modular design and intuitive operation. These were only a few advantages of the BST iPQ-Surface. Jürgen Warner, one of our project engineers presents the features in our video.

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We are totaly conviced that our iPQ-Surface is always the best solution for you and your application.

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