The Highest Precision for Your Web Guiding

Growing production speeds and increasing quality demands: Modern production machines for processing web-shaped materials are e.g. used in the printing industry at speeds which were exceptional only a few years ago. At the same time, providers may only be successful in competition with reliably accurate results

A Central Challenge for Web-Guiding Industries Machine speeds must be used to their fullest. At the same time, it must be guaranteed that the material runs in regulated channels in the entire process.

The Solution: BST eltromat International web guiding ensures that the material being processed is exactly at the intended position.

The Benefits: BST eltromat systems regulate the web guiding in various production processes. The systems can be used for a wide range of substrates and effectively minimize waste and downtime.

BST eltromat International Control Circuit for Perfect Guiding

For Narrow Web Printing

For the regulation of the web guiding in narrow web printing, BST eltromat offers efficient and reliable systems that can be used for a wide range of substrates and effectively minimize waste and downtime.


For Nonwoven

Web guiding from BST eltromat create optimal conditions for the processing of nonwoven materials. They are available in various sizes and are individually configurable.


For Offset Printing

BST eltromat International offers a comprehensive range of web guiding for offset printing – economical to purchase and use and first-class in terms of work and results.


For Flexographic Printing

BST eltromat positioning elements correct the position of the material line precisely and almost instantaneously. In doing so, they play a central role in the smooth operation of flexographic processes.


For Gravure Printing

In the gravure printing process, BST eltromat systems regulate web guiding with the utmost precision and reliability.  Your advantage: first-class product quality with minimized waste.


For Extrusion

Web guiding arrangements made to measure: BST eltromat is your competent partner for the material inspection in the extrusion process, such as in the production of plastic wrap, in the tire industry, in solar technology, and many other areas of application.