BST ProControl: Providing suitable measurement technology for flat materials

BST ProControl offers a comprehensive range of services for the quality control of flat materials, for 100% reliable results.

Precision Based on Experience: BST ProControl is a part of the BST group and with it, profits from the synergies of a strong and experienced network. As a leading manufacturer of quality assurance systems for the web-processing industry, the BST Group has carried out more than 100,000 installations in more than 100 countries around the world.

Versatile Applications. Convincing Advantages.

BST ProControl covers a wide range of services for material checks in the production process; for example, with...

... plastic wraps and metal foils,
... non-woven materials,
... technical textiles,
... foams,
... floor coverings, and
... paper.

In doing so, BST ProControl shows full commitment to more effectively shape your production processes, such as through the

  • Reduction of waste
  • Savings of raw materials and energy
  • Increase of productivity, and
  • Minimization of maintenance times

BST ProControl: The Services:

  • Quality control of flat materials
  • Technical solutions for measurement inspection
  • The development and implementation of quality control systems
  • Online measurement in the production process
  • Precise registration, contact-free measurement, and continual monitoring and evaluation of:

    • Surface weight / mass per unit area
    • Coating (thickness)
    • Thickness
    • Humidity
    • Speed
    • Length
    • Ash
    • Coat weight
    • Optical features

BST ProControl: Product Overview

  • Sensors for:

    • The measurement of optical interference
    • The measurement of radiation absorption
    • Distance measurement using a camera
    • Temperature measurement using an infrared camera
    • Radiographic or reflector measurement processes

  • Scanners
  • Stand-alone measurement systems
  • Data analysis systems