Color Measurement: Precise Color Control in the Running Printing Process

One of the greatest challenges when printing is the most precise color reproduction possible or the achievement of the desired color quality. The task of the color measurement is to continuously record color data during the printing process, evaluate them, and issue a warning in the case of relevant deviations from the color specifications.

Spectral color measurement

With fully automatic systems for spectral inline color measurement, BST eltromat supports you effectively in the compliance with prescribed color standards. In doing so, the inline measurement in your printing machine is carried out. The normally necessary color measurements and the comparison with print samples after changing a roll with hand-held devices are therefore no longer necessary.

Completely Automatic Measurement

  • Significantly supports you when setting up the machine
  • Continuously monitors color data during the job
  •  Objectively evaluates the color data and triggers warnings and alarms if prescribed tolerances are crossed
  • Records color deviations and generates a job report

BST eltromat Color Measurement: Your Benefits:

  • Early detection and resolution of color deviations 
  • Documentation of color quality for your customers
  • Effective process optimization
  • Reduction of waste, already starting from the set-up process 
  • Direct provision of color measurement values from the inline process for color management and quality assurance