Actuators: Strong Position Control for Every Demand

BST eltromat actuators correct the position of the material web precisely and almost instantaneously.


Motorized actuators

Motorized actuators are implemented everywhere where very quick reactions to changes in the web position are necessary. The connection of the actuator can take place directly at the control unit. The ready-to-go construction allows for quick and inexpensive installation, which is also advantageous in the retrofit of existing systems. 

Use the BST eltromat web guiding actuators in combination with our positioning devices for a number of web guiding tasks. We offer motorized actuators with positioning force of up to 9,000 N and strokes up to 300 mm in designs with and without position feedback. The positioning forces of our hydraulic actuators reach up to 20,000 N with various strokes.

Motorized Actuators from BST eltromat at a Glance:

  • Low-wear direct current motors
  • Ball screw spindle drives, for high durability and minimal play
  • Designed for arc-shaped and linear positioning motions
  • Various sizes possible for positioning distance, positioning strength, and positioning speed
  • motorized BST eltromat actuators have a position feedback (precise recording of the current position of the actuator) as well as electronic end position switch-off 
  • Maintenance-free

EMS 18

The BST eltromat EMS 18 web-guiding actuator has a stroke of up to 200 mm with positioning force of a maximum of 840 N. Various combinations of stroke, positioning force, and speed are possible. 

EMS 21

Up to 195 mm stroke at a maximum of 1,680 N – that is the performance data of the BST eltromat EMS 21 web-guiding actuator. Various combinations of hub, positioning force, and positioning speed are possible here as well.

EMS 22

The BST eltromat EMS 22 actuator is powerful, with up to 195 mm stroke at a maximum of 2,250 N. This product was specially designed for implementation on winder controls and is also available in various designs.

EMS 23

The BST eltromat EMS 23 actuator wins customers over with up to 300 mm stroke at a maximum of 9,000 N. It is also best suited for implementation on winder controls. The performance values for stroke, actuating power, and speed can be combined here in the most various ways for an optimal application fit here, too.