Accessories for the Web Guiding: Custom Solutions for Reliable Web Guiding

Configured to Your Production: BST eltromat web guiding always conforms exactly to the demands of their production processes in terms of their extent and degree of automization. The variety of connected BST eltromat components guarantees an optimal adjustment to the individual task situation. Therefore, we offer you the following accessories, among others:


CAN2 Ethernet Coupler (C2E Coupler)

The CAN-2 ethernet coupler allows for an intelligent networking possibility for the BST eltromat ekr 500 digital control amplifier as well as the ekrPro Com60 series. With the help of a C2E module, up to four ekr 500 digital control amplifiers can communicate with the superordinated machine control. Additional networking is possible with the integration of additional C2E couplers. 

The BST eltromat C2E module uses the BST eltromat internal CAN bus and function as a gateway to the superordinated machine control. Your benefits: The internal communication of the control units among themselves is not disturbed by additional traffic or slowed down in its performance.

Electronic fine adjustment (EFE)

Due to either the conditions of the machine or production requirements, it may be necessary for web position to be corrected at a location remote from the actuator. Electronic remote control permits correction of web position, operation and visualization of basic functions from any place of the machine.

Electric Motor-Driven Sensor Positioning

If the location of the sensor is difficult to access or if the scanning position must be frequently changed due to various web widths, a sensor positioning device (FVG) takes over the adjustment of the sensor position. Depending on your needs, various automatic systems with electric motor-driven actuators are available.

FVGPro 1/K; SP/K-1 Sensor Positioning Device

The simplest electromotor performance of the sensor positioning device allows for the positioning of a sensor. It is implemented for web edge control.

FVGPro 1/MK; SP/MK-1 Sensor Positioning Device

This variation allows for the simultaneous positioning of two sensors. It is implemented for web center-line guiding with a set web center. The position of the sensors is adjusted symmetrically to the center of the material web via a web-guiding actuator.

FVGPro 2/MK; SP/MK-2 Sensor Positioning Device

These sensor positioning devices have two sensor mountings and two separate web-guiding actuators. Therefore, both sensors can be adjusted independently of each other. The device is implemented for web edge guiding as well as web center-line guiding. Through synchronous control of the web-guiding actuators, digital web shifting is possible throughout the entire area. The implementation is recommended also for off-center, narrow webs.