Web Guiding: The Highest Precision for Your Web Guiding

Increasing production speeds and rising quality demands:

For example, modern production machines for the processing and finishing of web type materials work in the print industry at speeds that were considered extraordinary even just a few years ago.  At the same time, providers in the print industry can only stay in competition with reliable, accurate results.

The challenge: It is important to take full advantage of machine speeds and simultaneously guarantee that everything runs in regulated webs – from the unwinding of the materials, to the guide, through the production process, up to winding.

Continuous and Precise Web Guidance: BST eltromat systems regulate the web run in the most various production processes, such as in the paper, foil, and rubber industries as well as in conveyor and transport systems. There, BST eltromat web guiding ensures that the material being processed is exactly at its intended position. BST eltromat web guiding can be used for a wide range of substrates and effectively minimize paper waste and downtime.

Guiding Devices

BST eltromat guiding devices correct the position of the material web precisely and almost without delay, and therefore make an important contribution to smooth process sequences. Our guiding devices are deliverable in various sizes and types for almost all web widths and fields of application. 

Control Devices

Through a target-performance comparison, BST eltromat control devices ensure that the material being processed is exactly at its intended position. The compact device design allows for the direct attachment to or in the actuator or the machine. With a number of components that can be connected, the control devices can be optimally adapted to their respective tasks. 


All BST eltromat systems for web guiding are based on a simple, closed control circuit. In doing so, the current position of the material web serves as the starting point. It is recorded as the current position by one or more sensors and transmitted to the control device. 

Web-Guiding Actuators

Electromotor web-guiding actuators from BST eltromat are implemented when very fast reactions to changes in the web position are necessary. The plug-and-go construction of the web-guiding actuators allows for quick and inexpensive assembly, which is also advantageous in the retrofit of existing systems. 


AccuWeb is known for its edge sensors, which work with the help of patented environmental compensation. The digital AccuWeb web-guiding actuators were specially developed for demanding applications. AccuWeb web-guiding actuators are available in various sizes and speeds and designs for loads of up to 50,000 kg (100,000 lbs.).


BST eltromat web guiding always conform exactly to the demands of their production processes in terms of their extent and degree of automization.  The variety of connected BST eltromat components guarantees an optimal adjustment to the individual task situation.