AR 4000: The Highest Register Precision for First-Class Print Quality

The efficient solution for exact register settings, the AR 4000 facilitates the precise adjustment of the register to many machine types, such as offset, hybrid, and label printing machines.

The precision solution from BST eltromat International is impressive in every way: through its compact construction, intuitive touchscreen operation, and ease of installation.

With the AR 4000, the adjustment of color and temporary registers (front-to-back side registers) is handled reliably, as is the control of additional printing units (like flexo printing units) or tool stations.


AR 4000: Your Benefits

  • Short order set-up times
  • Less material use through reduced waste in all print phases
  • Consistently high quality due to register consistency in the entire printing process
  • Exact adherence to all register tolerances
  • High-quality print products for increased customer satisfaction

AR 4000 at a Glance

  • One-chip color camera and intelligent image processing algorithms for safe and fast recognition of marks, even on coarse material structures or with low contrast
  • Xenon strobe for optimal lighting conditions, even on challenging substrates like film, foil, and reflective materials
  • Synchronized shutter for absolute resistance to extraneous light
  • Large camera field of view for stable capture of the mark pattern, even with dynamic web stretching sequences