Register Control: The Highest Register Precision for First-Class Print Quality

Through the implementation of intelligent control algorithms, BST eltromat color and cut-off register controls are suitable for all challenges for a modern register control. With advanced measurement technology, the BST eltromat systems quickly and reliably counter malfunctions in register behavior. 

Register Controls for All Web Printing Processes: The modularly constructed systems are integrated into new machines easily and with little effort. In addition, we offer retrofits for existing systems that efficiently increase the productivity of your machines. The following applies: We can implement every register control in every machine. 

Your Benefits: With the BST eltromat systems for register counters, you can minimize paper waste and potentially increase your pro­duction speeds. In most cases, the ROI of a retrofit is to be imple­mented in a timely manner. We would be happy to comprehensively advise you about your possibilities and savings potential.

BST eltromat Register Control – Your Benefits:

  • Short order set-up times
  • Low material use through reduced waste in all printing phases
  • Consistent high quality due to passer consistency in the entire printing process
  • Exact adherence to all register tolerances
  • High-quality print products for higher customer satisfaction

regi_star 20

regi_star 20 can be implemented for all common printing processes and customized to current requirements dependent on the application Your benefit: minimized setup times and paper waste and maximized productivity.


The sincon_star register control was specially developed to regulate a printing process or a tooling station. An optional insetter control system to control a pre-printed web and for the electronic adjustment lever of tools is available.

AR 4000

AR 4000 makes the precise adjustment of the register to many types of machines possible, such as offset, hybrid, and label printing machines. In doing so, the adjustment of color and temporary registers takes place as reliably as the control of additional printing units or tool stations.