iPQ-Workflow: Smooth Processes, Flawless Results

There is harsh competition in the print industry. The requirements are constantly increasing. Exact control of the print image, consistent data management and a strict workflow are central preconditions for error-free print products – and therefore, for satisfied customers.

Workflow Solutions for Maximum Process Reliability

iPQ-Workflow creates a basis upon which machines, processes and various departments effectively work together: 

  • For fast and smooth processes as well as 
  • Higher efficiency and
  • Perfect results. 

The software enables reliable assessment and correction of any occurring errors and offers solutions for data import and export from pre-printing to further processing.

iPQ-Workflow is characterized by a logical overall concept which can be flexibly adjusted for various production processes. In doing so, iPQ-Worklow supports more complex process sequences with multiple enhancement steps, in addition to the pure printing process. Only a continuous work flow that makes optimal use of the different machine speeds in the process ensures efficient work.  This increases your process reliability and, correspondingly, ensures perfect print results.

Optimal Connection in the Workflow

iPQ-Workflow perfectly connects the various modules from the iPQ-Center with each other and is coordinated with the demands of the print, label, and processing industries:

  • iPQ-Check

    • 100% inspection over the entire web width
    • Relative color measurement by means of RGB assessment (color monitoring)

  • iPQ-View

    • Sample inspection
    • Barcode check
    • Relative color measurement by means of RGB assessment (color monitoring)

  • iPQ-Spectral

    • Absolute spectral color measurement in the printing machine

  • SHARK 4000 LEX

    • 100 % error detection for use in narrow-web printing machines and winders

iPQ-Center: The Strong All-Rounder

With the Increasing Productivity & Quality Center (iPQ-Center), BST eltromat presents a modular product line for the central control of numerous quality assurance functions. BST eltromat integrates web viewing, 100% inspection, and spectral measurement as well as further functions into a single system. Configure your quality monitoring based on a modular concept.