Color Measurement: Precise Color Control for First-Class Print Products

Competition in the printing industry is stiff and the demands are constantly on the rise. A precise check of the printed image is the precondition for error-free print products – and therefore, for satisfied customers.

Fully automatic, spectral inline color measurement systems from BST eltromat support you in the adherence to prescribed color standards in that an inline measurement is carried out in your printing machine. The usually necessary color measurements and the comparison with print samples with hand-held devices after changing a roll are therefore no longer necessary. 

Your plus: Less paper waste and a detailed evaluation of process data – for a maximally economical printing process that also reliably wins over customers with the highest color sensitivity.

BST eltromat Color Measurement – Your Benefits:

  • Early detection and resolution of color deviations 
  • Documentation of color quality for your customers
  • Process optimization and avoidance of paper waste 
  • Reduction of paper waste in the set-up process 
  • Direct provision of color measurement values from the inline process for color management and quality assurance


The iPQ-Spectral fully automatic, spectral inline color measurement system carries out an inline measurement in the printing machine, on the basis of which the compliance of the prescribed color standards can be continuously checked. Deviations in color are recorded and included in the framework of a job report.