FSS 15: Precise Color Setting, Brilliant Results

With the FSS 15 ink fountain control system, BST eltromat offers a system that is optimally adjusted to the needs of the printer. Its first-class cost effectiveness makes the FSS 15 a versatile solution for all printing machines, regardless of the print width and number of publications.


The characteristics of this powerful BST eltromat system have been perfectly adapted to printing applications with the highest requirements for color precision. Even in the basic version, the FSS 15 ink fountain control system has impressive performance parameters that prove their worth every day in practical use. In addition to the extensive standard functions, the FSS 15 offers a number of useful options for individually expanding the system’s range of services.


FSS 15: Your Benefits

  • Fast printing preparation
  • Easy handling
  • Maximum precision
  • Increased productivity
  • Minimized waste
  • Reduced costs

FSS 15 at a Glance

  • Applications: offset printing, letter printing, sheet-fed printing machines, and web printing machines
  • Easy and intuitive operation via a 23" touchscreen monitor
  • Variable ink zone width
  • Presetting of future jobs in the background
  • Any number of repeat orders in the order memory
  • Optimum setting accuracy in combination with BST finecolor ink fountains
  • (optional)
  • Ink gap precision up to one micrometer
  • Fully automatic function and position control of ink key drives
  • Ink key adjustment – individual, in groups, overall
  • Easy zero calibration of the ink keys
  • Remote adjustment of ink fountain and dampening rollers (optional)
  • Standard remote diagnostics via the Internet