finecolor: Ink Fountains for Perfect Ink Setting

finecolor ink fountains are available for different types of machines and every major printing width.

BST eltromat ink fountains use proven mechanics for ink key adjustment for unlimited reproducible gap openings between ink blades and ink slides in all ink zones. In the process, each blade segment moves plano-parallel to the slide.

finecolor ink fountains are, among other things, deliverable as an add-on option to the FSS 15 ink fountain control system and effectively and appropriately expands their performance.

finecolor at a Glance:

  • Individual ink keys can be set independently of the surrounding ink keys
  • Absolutely reproducible positioning after every cleaning
  • Laser-cut precision blades with a special sealant
  • Flexible sealing between ink blades, cheeks, and ink duct roller