QLink Workflow for Narrow Web Application

QLink Workflow - Your Benefits:

  • In comparison to previous inspection workflow systems,the cost for QLink workflow is significantly lower
  • On the printing press the QLink real-time editor enables you to evaluatedefects already during the printing process. The printercan classify the defects as "not relevant" or "to be fixed" in the converting process
  • Larger defect areas, such as missing ink, can be definedas waste zones. These can afterwards be removed onthe rewinder in one single step
  • The net count is automatically updated after eachediting. No more costly over-production just to makesure there is enough good material
  • Through innovative compression, the file size of theprotocolsis as low as 10% of the usual roll protocols (JPEG / BMP). This saves disk space and expensesand it will speed up your data transfer
  • On the rewinder, the camera-based synchronization is easy to set-up andvery reliable - in contrast to the sensor-based systemsthat are commonly used