Nonwoven: Top Quality for Hygienically Demanding Uses

Non-woven materials are predominantly used in the production of hygiene products, such as in diapers, sanitary pads, surgical masks, hoods, gloves, and bags. For this reason, the material should also reliably fulfill the strictest hygienic demands, which is why the production process must be so precisely monitored.

The goal: The production of high-quality products without any type of material waste while simultaneously increasing profitability, because the material is kept hygienically clean.

For optimal results, BST eltromat International supports you with a complete range of services for quality assurance in all nonwoven applications. As a leading manufacturer of quality assurance systems for the web-processing industry, BST eltromat International has carried out more than 100,000 installations in more than 100 countries around the world.

BST eltromat For Nonwoven Applications: Your Benefits

  • Precise web guidance
  • Numerous options
  • Exact results
  • Clear analyses
  • Highest production reliability
  • Effective customer service 
  • Reliable error detection

BST eltromat Solutions for Nonwoven Applications